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Open your eyes to the hate. Those who say peaceful protest would have been the way to go. Are the same people who cancelled KAP for kneeling about the injustice! Those who stood with him were hated and cancelled in this society. Too many years of no change because the powerful have an agenda and that doesnt include those of simply different skin color. I don’t know how they feel but I stand with them in this fight. Change has to come now more than ever.

To see the footage of peaceful protesters being shot with rubber bullets and teargas(which is illegal) is mind boggling and thats just the tip of the iceberg. Placing pallets of bricks, old cop cars from the 90s in the middle of the street. Arresting people who are on their knees with their hands up in the middle of the day and roughing them up to put on cuffs. Sickening that people stand for this.

Seeing footage of men in Arkansas with rifles standing on the corners at the square and the cops just let it go but a black man or woman standing with a sign unarmed and on their knees are taken down with force. WHAT!? It doesn’t make sense.

The system is failing them and change needs to come now!

Be there for the positive change. I am also not saying the looting is good and the destruction but when you go unheard for so long, anger builds up. Unarmed people are being injured and killed too often and the cops get away with it. The ones that are supposed to protect us.

Be the change.


Recently I have come to realize that I don’t see things in the same light as others. Others that are pretty close to me in life. Some people, well everyone is raised differently. Some are raised on hate, some on love, etc…

I am shocked in today’s world that people around me can simply not like someone for skin color, where they’re from, how someone looks. Mind boggling that in 2020 we still have people who hate others simply because of their skin color. I go silent when I hear the hate come out of someones mouth. I am so confused how a person of God can be so judgmental and hateful at any given time. Gossip and judging people in anyway has always really got my blood boiling.

The world we live in is crazy in so many ways. So many good things happen but yet so many things go ignored because it doesn’t benefit the people in power or the media or the rich. Whatever it may be, if it doesn’t benefit them to do something about it then they don’t do anything. Right now our man in power is probably having a twitter fight with someone much smarter than him and he can’t handle that.

A city is burning because they’re tired. Tired that nothing will ever be done and that is where my facebook and twitter comes in and shows their true colors or what I should say, lack of color. You see pictured of 3 black men that have been killed for example 1 wrote a bounced check but next to them are 3 mass murderers(white guys) that are being handcuffed and taken alive. That’s our history and those photos will hopefully make it the history books or whatever classrooms use these days and kids will know the truth of how things are.

I am not saying all cops are bad but the cops that are bad, almost always get away with it. Two men killed a black man while he was on his run just weeks before and they went home and were’nt charged until like a day later even though they had video!

Off that subject, then you have Jeff Ep. He goes to a prison where many other high profile convicts have gone. This man has so much dirt on so many rich people it’s disgusting. Poof, camera’s stop working, armed guards both had to take a dump at the same time and he’s murdered. But wait, they try to fake his death by faking a hanging, which the broken bones prove are not correct if he done himself in. That is all ignored, no investigation, no updates on what his files shown, camera footage from his island.. nothing. Because those rich guys are in charge. Photos show the men but the national media ignores it.

What I am saying is i’m sick and tired of it all and there needs to be a change.

Change needs to happen.

A graduation that didn’t happen.

Proud husband moment.

My wife graduated again. This time it’s for her BSN in Nursing from Pittsburg State University. The Livingston name isn’t new to PSU. My grandpa, dad, two brothers, both sister in laws and now my wife. There might be a few others in that list but anywayssss this is about my wife.

I know this is different from my recent posts on here if you’re a normal reader but that’s okay.

Back to my wife. She’s had a motivation to be a nurse and do the best that she can at the job. She went to a 2 year program in Fort Scott, Ks and then after that graduation she went to work at Freeman in Joplin, Mo and went back to school to get her BSN and then quarantine came. Graduation would have been last week and she didn’t get to walk across the stage. Yes, the school has allowed them to come walk after things are back to normal but my wife is on the move. She will be going back to school again to continue on this medical life.

To the proud moments. She works hard at work and after work and you can tell in how she talks about her struggles from work and her motivation to get homework done ahead of time, taking time to make sure it’s good enough. She would finish assignments but not turn it in and do it again. She stresses too much, yes but she always does awesome on her work. It’s awesome to see her successes and her motivation to be a better work and student. She doesn’t have to work on being an awesome wife because she does way more for us than I do and I know how lucky I am.( yes honey, I mean that and I do notice it) <– she doesn’t know what I am writing about until I send it to her or she sees me tweet the link so 🙂

With no graduation, we decided or well she decided she wanted to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma for her celebration. She decided to go down to one of her favorite breweries and so we went to Nothing’s Left brewing co. where they are known for their quirky beers. Jolly rancher sour, fruity pebbles, sweet tart inspired. It’s always something new, so we went down, grabbed lunch and had some beer. It was a good time and we started out with a couple philly steak sandwiches, which were amazing!

Here is a short video from that trip. Check it out!

I love you Terra.

I am so proud of you.

See you all next time!

Open minded.

If I am to take anything from this quarantine and the new normal we are going to have to deal with is being creative is everything in this world. If I didn’t have multiple ways to be creative whether that be, YouTube or posting to Instagram or even writing this blogs, I would be stir crazy. I love creating, I love the process and having an end goal and video or photo to share with my viewers or followers.

During this time I have been awoken to many things and that is, if you don’t continue to create, you can hit a long road of digging out. I tried to get out in the car and take photos, create videos in the house or kitchen with whatever it may be. I spent plenty of time watching videos and finding ideas to work off of to stay creative. Many I have shared on here and on my socials throughout this time. It all flew by really and i hadn’t realized until last week when talks of going back to work, that it has been months since I was sent home.

Let me preface that, I didn’t lose my job, we were simply sent home to continue working. Luckily for me, I work for a company where we were able to adapt and continue putting out videos. Those videos changed to more graphic driven videos but it was work and for that I am beyond thankful I could keep going through this time.

With that said, being home was a blessing. Spending the days just feet from my kitchen, my two dogs, cat and my wife when she was home, was awesome. Id say our marriage is much stronger because of our time together during this time. We cooked dinners together, or id have meals planned out while she was working. She is a nurse so work never stopped for her as well, if anything it was put into over-drive with her being on the Intensive Care Unit.

Working from home would be my personal choice if I had the option to do it full time but being a videographer at my job, that’s not really possible. Well, I mean it is possible if I just went in for shoot prep, shoot and tear down and then edit from home. It’d save me the 45min drive to work and the traffic of driving home at 5pm. It would awesome but that’s not how it goes and that’s okay. I like my drive, it gives me time to listen to my music and podcasts, things I don’t normally get to listen to on road trips or normal drives if the wife is in the car. Simply because I don’t want to put her through my slow podcasts or my music of screaming and loud guitars, she will rock out to some of it though but it’s easier to listen to things we agree on for the most part. The drive also gives me time to zone out and think about photo ideas or video shoot ideas or trips, whatever it may be.

Overall, I would say I am more motivated now more than ever. Covid changes many things, hurt many people and changed many things but one benefit is the work ethic I will be bringing from here on out. Also, I now know how important any time with friends and family is and can’t wait to get back to seeing my family and getting out.

See you all next time. Best wishes and stay strong


I bought a new lens.

This lens is one that I have been eyeing for awhile. I needed a wider lens or so wanted a wider lens because sometimes 35mm just didnt cut it. I did have the 14mm rokinon but without autofocus, there were plenty of times it wasn’t the right choice.

I jumped and bout the Sigma 24mm f1.4 Art lens. This lens has been a blast and was def worth it. I bought it used on Adorama and it was given a low rating but it was pretty much mint. A couple scuffs here or there but it was nothing that hurt the outcome of photos, video or the autofocus. It was well worth it and I am happy that I finally got it.

With this video you can see some video and photo examples I have taken with the lens so far. It’s been awesome. Id appreciate it if you head over to my youtube, give it a like and subscribe if that’s what you’re into.

Thanks and I will see you next time!

A Short Film

Hey everyone, this week on YouTube one of my favorite creators put up a video challenge. That challenge was to create a short film/documentary about our time during this COVID-19 situation. Immediately my idea and shots came to mind on what I will create. Usually when a youtuber/creator puts out a contest I have nothing, no ideas, no shots or the ability to compete. This time was different.

This time was different because of my wife. My wife is a nurse at one of our local hospitals and besides being a nurse, she is also on the Intensive Care Unit. The ICU is where they often see patients that are positive for COVID, along with many other things. My wife’s work cycle will be the theme of this video is what popped in my head right as Matti Haapoja announced the competition. That is when all of the shot ideas popped in my head.

The shot ideas consisted of her alarms going off at 4 something in the morning and getting to work a little before 6. It’s still dark out when she goes to work and often by the time she gets home, it’s either dark or the sun is setting. A 14 hour work day is typical for my wife and though it’s only 3 days a week, it takes a toll on a person(not that I can speak from a personal stand point, other than I can see what it does to my wife when she has to do all 3 days in a row)

My plan of attack to get what I wanted from the shots, was just shoot her getting ready, going to work and coming home. From getting up, getting ready, going to work in the dark, the time passing during the day and her getting home late. All of this leads into going to bed to complete the cycle of her crazy schedule during this time.

Watching this back, I am proud. Not of what I created, but truly going through the shots and seeing what a toll it has on her and how she keeps pushing.

This is my first short film you can say. My life before this video has mostly been business videos, short YouTube videos or just little travel films of my weekend adventures. This one was a delight to make and felt really good to get into something new for once.

I am done talking now so.. here is the video!

Spring is here.

What a weird world we are in right now. Quarintine, isolation and social distancing has made 2020 a strange time to be living for sure. I have tried to get out for a couple drives here or there to just get out of my house but not stop anywhere, unless it’s for essentials.

While driving around or in the yard I have been able to capture some great in my opinion images. I wanted to share these with you simply to share and maybe give you something new to see besides the insides of your house or whatever it may be.

Dogwood and Mayapple I think is what we have here. The dogwood have these beautiful white flowers that bloom all over the tree. The mayapple has one flower that blooms under it’s canopy as you can see in the third image before the topside photo. They cover the whole forest floor in areas.

These images were all taken with the Canon 5d Mark Iv and the Canon 85mm f1.8. I shot most of these at 1.8 or f2.

Hope everyone is well and staying busy, as well as healthy and safe. I am working from home so thats the reality for the past couple weeks and it’s been good and they days fly by really. Being busy really helps and being able to be home with my wife and pets more throughtout the week has been a blessing.

Soon I will have a short film/documentary out that I can share with you all. My wife is a nurse on the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital so that’s the premise, her job that is.

See you next time!


With some down time and working from home I have been thinking of different things to work on and one thing I thought would be cool would be to create a video introduction. Some of you may not know me and some of you may. This video will give you a quick rundown on who I am.

Thanks for watching and I will be back soon with more posts. Things are hectic as you all know.


Enhancing a video

During this time everyone is inside, staying safe or not going out in groups. I decided last weekend I would go on a hike since there are usually not many people out on the trails. I get restless inside, especially on a Saturday or Sunday.

After the recent rain, there was a good amount of water running off of the cliff/bluffs on this trail. That all led to some waterfalls and I am not sure if they’re normally running like they were that day since I have never been down this trail before.

Now to the topic. I didn’t take my audio recorder and I didn’t have my on-camera mic attached at the time I took all of these shots in this video. So, when I was editing the video I thought it would be a much better experience to watch if I added some natural sounds to the video. There is so much more you can do to enhance a video with just using the right audio and though this is a very simple example of that, I am excited to get more into this as I start researching techniques more and learning myself.

Check out the video and let me know what you all think!


Thanks for coming back for another blog. I think I might do one more blog this week about my experience and thoughts on the situation the world is in right now. Mostly for myself to look back and see years down the road, on how I was taking it and my thought process during it vs after it’s over.

Check out my other videos while you’re probably stuck at home. Find me on Instagram @derekliving and @DLsports. I am also on Twitter @ThatPhotog1



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