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Recent posts are strictly photography related but this post I am going to talk about my journey into videography.

Looking for a stepping stone after graduating college so I can get a job in the field of photography, I was looking everywhere. I didn’t want to do what everyone does and start a photography company and start photographing weddings, families and senior photos, I wasn’t the most confident in posing people and still to this day. With no luck for months in finding a job in SE Kansas, I knew I had to do something different, get over my fear of posing people and get out of my comfort zone. Up to this point, I shot sports for newspapers and just shot random street and nature photography and that wasn’t paying any bills as it was strictly for Instagram or my facebook page just to get my name out there to maybe promote my name.

Then comes, December 2017 when I reached out to a photographer. This photographer was a guy I watched as a kid play basketball and football in my hometown. Years go by, I never knew where he was and then… He had gone and started his own photography company, got his name out there and his work was and is amazing. Being from a small town I wasn’t too nervous to just message him, I had messaged him a few times about lenses and gear and he had photographed my twin brothers wedding so seeing him work made it easier also. So, back to December 2017, I message him and ask if I could follow, well pretty much shadow him while he covers a wedding. I explained I was nervous and not too comfortable posing people and as a photographer looking to grow I wanted to see if weddings were something I would want to do myself. He let me join him on like 2 weddings and then he asked me to join his team.

Fast forward, he asked me to join the team to help him out, to work for him as a second photographer and then came video! On the video thing, this is where it all changed for me as a creator. I had dabbled in videography on my own, with no clue what I was doing, what was good, what was bad. I quickly learned the basics, by being thrown directly into shooting video and even started going and doing videos solo at weddings.

After months of shooting video with Tim, going to weddings on my own, working alongside him, I started to make moves to better myself. I bought a Canon 5d MarkIV, the camera we use for photo and video. I was familiar with it, knew it was a camera I would be able to use for years to come. With video opening up a new area for me as a photog, I started looking into jobs in Joplin as it wasn’t far from Pittsburg, where I lived at the time. I emailed 3-4 marketing agencies. 1 to this day has never responded to my email, 1 got back to me that same day and said they don’t have the opening to bring on a photo/video guy, and then there was Storm Cloud marketing. I knew nothing about any of these agencies I just want out on a limb looking for anything.

Dustin Storm of Storm Cloud got back to me and it was short and to the point. We don’t have a need for a photographer as we have one but do you know video and if so, show me some of your video work. I didn’t have any video work that I could call my “own”. Yes, I have shot videos at weddings, but working for Tim, I shot the weddings and he made the edits. So, I wasn’t comfortable saying its my work because part of being a videographer is knowing how to use the editing program and having a finished product. I knew some about Adobe Premiere Pro but wasn’t the greatest, it was a learning area I worked on often. To sum this up, we went back and forth with me sharing new videos I was going out and making, talking about what I needed to work on and suggestions from Dustin on tips. He made it clear he would keep an eye on me through social and my media outlets of Instagram and Facebook. I worked on my video work, my editing and my day came where I was asked to join Storm Cloud marketing at the “Video Guy”. August 1st was my start day at the Storm, videos have come and went and now it’s a part of me.

When I go out to take photos, I also shoot some video of whatever I am doing. I look at things differently, I feel like I can say I have grown as a photographer and a videographer. I have a new passion for my craft of documenting life with photo and video.

The learning process never ends, I learn something new every week, every video and every day. Never lock the doors on something new, always look for new opportunities.


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Working with a deadline.

So, as a freelance photographer for a newspaper, I work with short deadlines… most of the time.


When it comes to most sports, they don’t start until 7pm and with it starting late that cuts into my deadline of 9pm.  What I have learned to do in a short amount of time is, get 6-8 images I am happy with, jump into my car, turn on my wifi hotspot(Thanks Verizon) and get to importing my images into Adobe Lightroom. Once I find my images that I am happy with, I do some cropping and then export to my assigned setting given to me by the newspaper and that is just to make emailing the images an easier task. They need the images sent with taglines that are added into the file itself and into the body of the email.

Taglines are very new to me as I didn’t study photojournalism in college, I studied graphics. With that said, when I started working for the Joplin Globe as a stringer for sporting events, I had no idea what I was doing but with some google searches and looking at sports illustrated and newspapers I learned what a tagline needed and the format.

It was all hectic at first, trying to get my images all sent in, making sure my taglines are all correct format, names are spelled right, getting the correct numbers. It has played a big part into the photographer I am today.

BUT.. Every once and a while, you get lucky and a game starts early and that is what I love. Now with college, time is on my side, they start really early in the day, you have hours to go through images in most college sports for the most part. I cover mostly high school sports and towards the end of a season, you get championship games that start early. The early starting games are what I love, I have more time to be creative and I feel like I focus better on the art of the photo and not the art of the job.CarthageVsVianney_112418-3CarthageVsVianney_112418-4CarthageVsVianney_112418-5CarthageVsVianney_112418-7

This last weekend, I had a Missouri Semi-Final game that started at 3pm and I had a great day shooting it. Here are some of my images!

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Kansas! Magazine 2018 Calendar

The story behind my Kansas! Magazine 2018 Calender December cover photo.




It was January 15th, 2017 and my now wife and I was driving back from seeing family in Kansas City. Making the trip often to Kansas City we always see the sign that says, “Marais des Cygnes Massacre site” right off of the highway, so we took the exit and headed out to the site.

Down the gravel road, we go and we don’t know what to expect as we have never looked it up on google or seen any photos of the site. The road splits fields of dirt, nothing to see for most of the drive, until…

Until, I spot the majestic American Bald Eagle, sitting in the middle of a field. I didn’t have any of my big lenses on me so I missed that opportunity to shoot a bald eagle staring straight at me. Since the shot is pointless, I jump back in the car and keep on down the road.


We take our last turn into the entrance and that is where the shot is taken. I see the ice-covered trees and I am in awe! Everything is covered in ICE, tunneling this road into the site. I knew I had to take the photo, the reason being every time I drive around on the backroads, I am always looking for roads that are covered by trees and when we came across this one, with the ice it grabbed me.

I now look back and wish I would have done a few things differently. One would be, adding a subject to the scene, something with a pop of color in the middle of the road. The second thing is my composition and I think I would like it better if I went lower to the road with my camera. Third, I think if I went with like f/10 instead of f/5, just so more would be in sharp focus.

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Settings: 70mm f/5 1/250 iso800

Gear: Nikon d3s w/ Nikon 70-200 f2.8

Adjustments made to Contrast and highlights in Adobe Lightroom


Canon: 35mm F2 is usm vs 35mm F1.4 L

With my multiple jobs within the photography field I get my hands on many lenses. This Saturday I had to video a wedding and my boss handed me the 35mm 1.4 L lens he rented from I had about a hour tonight to work with the f1.4 and so I took some photos to compare it to my 35mm F2.



Very simple set of images but if you know what to look for, you will catch the differences here. The Depth of field varies between the two lenses, which is a given with the f/stop difference. The amount of light the f1.4 allows in compared to the f.2 is significant causing me to change shutter speed in the photos between lenses.

Now, biggest question is..what is the price difference.

35mm f2 IS USM: MSRP $599.00      35mm f1.4 L: MSRP $1,099


Now, would you pay the difference here? Do you feel like it’s worth the f/stop difference? I’d say, it depends on what you plan on using it for, what do you shoot often? If you’re shooting in low light situations the f1.4 would be the given choice but the f/2 comes with 4 stops of Image Stabilization. Which is something I have not tested on my lens yet and will probably bring in a future blog post.


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